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About Knights of the Horde

Knights of the Horde is a casual and social guild working towards endgame progression.
We are located on the US Oceanic Realm of Aman'Thul

We have core of dedicated yet casual raiders who enjoy raiding without the stress that comes with a hardcore raiding guild.
To facilitate this we have experienced raid leaders who have cleared alot of previous endgame content in both classic WoW, TBC, WOTLK and Cata.

We are one of the few remaining 25 man guilds Horde side on Aman'thul!

Our current raid times are:

- Wednesday night - 8.00pm AEDT
- Thursday night - 8.00pm AEDT
- Friday night - 8.00pm AEDT

Raids will generally commence at 8:00 pm server, with a general finish time of between 11:00 - 12:30pm server. Invites start at 7:30pm.

Our current recruitment is listed on the left of the page. In addition to the classes listed, exceptional apps of other classes will always be considered. Applications are private and confidential, and as such non-guild members cannot view these.

For further info, loot rules/systems etc, see the Guild Charter at the top of the page.

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